Welcome to my family history website. This site is mainly about my father’s family, the CorbettChance, De Peyster and Dracopoli families. My grandmother was a Dracopoli and her mother was Katharine Navarre Chance and her mother was Cornelia De Peyster-Chance. I know relatively little about the Corbetts (at present) but the Chance family are well documented as are the De Peysters in the USA. My great-grandfather was Nicholas Dracopoli and his ancestors although originally from Genoa lived in the Greek enclave at Smyrna and on the island of Chios.

If anyone out there knows any more about my family and would like to get in touch, please do. I am interested in acquiring any artefacts, such as signed books, (anything signed by John Dracopoli), or information about my family,  My book 'A History of My Family' is now available on this website and nowhere else. Published by Sedaca it is possible to buy it by secure payment method.

Enjoy the site!

- Charles Corbett