Angeloni and Meynell

My grandmother on my mother’s side was Alice Jessie Meynell (1892-1980).  Her parents were George Henry Hannaford Meynell and Elizabeth Bavistock.  George’s father was called John Meynell (b1821) and he was from Yorkshire but lived in Marylebone London.

Alice Jessie was involved in the Suffragette movement (an activity not approved of by her husband to be) but unfortunately not much more is known about that. In 1913 she married Albert Eugene Angeloni, whose father was Tealabdo Thomas Angeloni (b1858) who was married to Susan (Crockford).

Thomas’s father Giuseppe was born in Italy in about 1815 and is said to have joined Garibaldi in his attempt to bring about the unification of Italy. Giuseppe took part in and was injured during the defence of Rome and when they were subsequently driven out of the city they were engaged in a fighting retreat through the mountains to Tuscany from where many of them fled overseas. Giuseppe is thought to have left Italy in 1849 and the following year was married in London to Elizabeth Watson.

My grandfather Albert (1887-1974) began his working life as a commercial clerk and in 1919 took his family to live in Paris at Rue de Coudrais, Sceaux where he was involved in the German war reparations. He was later employed by the oil company BP eventually becoming a director. They were living at Chateau Carignan in Bordeaux until they had to flee from the advancing German forces during WW2 leaving almost everything they had behind.

My mother Nina was born in 1916 and educated at Cheltenham and St Hilda’s Oxford where she met my father Patrick Corbett. During the war my mother worked at the Bank of England, where they had to shelter in the vaults during the air raids, and then at Bletchley Park where she was apparently the first person to learn of the sinking of HMS Hood by the Bismark.

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